If you're not already sick of me and my friends, here's a few more snapshots for you.

Wildwood Bound

My friend Bobby, me, my buddy Jimmy, and that friendly guy Taras again. Going on road trips with the guys is a great way to indulge in some good old fashioned male bonding. We had some great weekends in Wildwood, New Jersey. As you can see from the above shot of the start of one of our expeditions, we were natural bonders. (Watch that hand, Jimmy!)

The Wildwood Bunch

Jimmy, my buddy Chris, and me. Once we got there, the bonding really got going, as did the alcohol consumption.

Of course, it wasn't just fun and games there. We also found the time to have some serious philosophical discussions about life.


We made lots of new friends in Wildwood...

Going to the Slammer

...they gave us the real Red Carpet Treatment.

Stay tuned for more friends.