Last updated 3/15/97


General Computing

Dave's Guide To Buying A Home Computer
One of the most valuable web pages in existence.

PCLT Exit Ramp
PC Lube and Tune -- informative and thought-provoking articles and tutorials.

Computing Books

Macmilan Information SuperLibrary
Largest computer book publisher. Site includes sample chapters from many books.

The Bookpool
You can buy those books here and save a bundle. One of the most accommodating businesses I've ever encountered.

Computing Stores

Price Watch Street Price Search Engine
Great source for comparison shopping.

Computer Discount Warehouse
Nice people; good prices; great selection.
By far the best place I've seen to buy commercial software online.


The World Wide Web Consortium
Home Base

NCSA HTML Quick Reference
From the people who brought Mosaic to the world

Just Fun

The Virtual Tourist
See the world from your PC.

Saturday Night Live Page
Lots of stuff from what we geezers like to call "the good old days."

This is Cal D and the Place to Be!
Larry "Bud" Melman's corporate home page -- No, really.

The Ultimate Band List
If it rocks and is on the Web, it's here.

The Jihad To Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web
Well, somebody has to do it!