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Last updated 7/29/00

My name is George Steffanos, and I live in Hamden, Connecticut. I am a partner in the SK Web Construction Company, Web site design specialists and World Wide Web consultants. In my spare time I am a virtual teaching assistant for the world's first (and still the best) World Wide Web Introductory Computing Course offered by the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Michigan State University.

My brother Mike and I authored George & Mike's Guide To Windows 95, an extensive informational site which is a part of the course's reference library. We also co-authored several of the reading assignments for the course itself with its creator, Dave Krauss. Dave singlehandedly produced the other 99% of this massive and impressive undertaking.

Dave and I also created a second course to be offered on the World Wide Web. This non-credit course, Building A Web Site, began its initial session in May, 1997. It covers a broad range of topics, from the basic HTML language to Web page programming and running a Web server. No prior knowledge of HTML is required.

In the remainder of my spare time, I enjoy playing various sports and other outdoor activities. I like traveling, too, and have begun to post photos from some of my favorite trips on my Pics page. In 1983, I backpacked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Since then, I have given sporadic attention to Then The Hail Came, a book about the adventure which will probably never be completed. You are welcome to view the most recent version of its rough draft which I posted in its entirety here. Any intelligent comments or advice are welcome.

In spare time and busy times I am constantly tortured by three little girls who were part of a litter of five sisters that my brother and I adopted when they were abandoned by their mother at about one week old. Unlike most parents, though, I won't inflict baby pictures on you...well, ok -- if you insist . . .

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to grab a cold one for the road.

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